Certified Professional Inspector

You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.

You can trust me, a Certified Professional Inspector, to perform your inspection with great detail while following the TREC Standards of Practice.

Meet Jeffrey, Your Certified Inspector
I joined the US Navy right out of high school in 1975. In 1981, I received honorable discharge, the highest form of discharge given to military who meet or exceed the duty performance and personal conduct standards. After becoming A civilian, I got into the home construction business sub contracting for several companies. I was doing home additions, replacement windows, doors, garden rooms, English rooms, Storm windows until the late 80s.

I married in 1986 and started my family. Being a mechanic in the Navy, I changed careers to work and inspect commercial vehicles. I was in that business until November 2019. I was laid off due to a Corporate buy out after 21 years with my last company. Since I loved inspecting trucks and commercial equipment, I decided to change careers and went back to school to become A Professional Home Inspector in the State of Texas. I love what I am doing, and like helping customers know what shape there home is in that they purchase. I do thorough Home Inspections for that reason.

I tell the story of your home.

jeffrey wallace wise county certified inspector
  • Jeffrey Wallace, Owner and Inspector

    TREC Professional Home Inspector PL License #24510
    Texas Department of Agriculture Commercial License Technician
    FAA Drone Certified